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Award Stats
Awards List
Best Killer with BFG Lamar
Best Killer with Grenade Launcher ExcessivePlayer
Best Killer with Lightning gun ExcessivePlayer
Best Killer with Machine gun >XAF<^TRashkickER
Best Killer with Plasma gun RUSTY
Best Killer with Rail gun EXCESSIVEPLUS.NET
Best Killer with Rocket Launcher ExcessivePlayer
Best Killer with Shot gun Swift
Best Killer with Suicide Frag ExcessivePlayer
Best Killer with Telefrag pollux1170
Mega Slut ExcessivePlayer
Quad Whore =ACIDBURN=
Regen Romper Shotglass
Best Killer >XAF<^TRashkickER
Highest Kill Streak ExcessivePlayer
Award Listing for Best killer with bfg (top 50)
#CountryPlayer Name Kills   Games   Kill ratio 
1USLamar31 3 10.33
2USStinky Pinhead17 2 8.50
3USTr4sH-P4nd425 3 8.33
4USAngoliant95 12 7.92
5US>XAF<^TRashkickER44 9 4.89
6RUExcessivePlayer36 8 4.50
7USExcessivePlayer4 2 2.00
8USFragenStein11 6 1.83
9USRUSTY5 3 1.67
10USExcessivePlayer3 2 1.50
11USExcessivePlayer7 8 0.88
12TRExcessivePlayer3 6 0.50
13BRExcessivePlayer1 2 0.50
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